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Representing Veganism in Malaysia since 2009.

Started as a facebook group supporting the vegan community of Malaysia, and through events, leafletting, recipe guides and more!

For the animals, always.

Veganuary's pledge has now been customised for Malaysia and so if you are interested to try vegan, then we have the best resources to guide you along the way. Sign-up now!

Past Events

Jan 1st, 2019: Veganuary Malaysia Launch Event

As 2019 approaches, people all around will be optimistically setting themselves goals to eat better, be healthier and do more to make the world a kinder place.

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Oct 14th: World Animal Day, The Vegan Way 2018

World Animal Day, The Vegan Way is back again this year! Come celebrate World Animal Day and World Vegan Day with us and our furry friends at Furry Friends Farm!

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June 3rd: Kuning's Birthday at Furry Friends Farm!

Here's Furry Friends Farm's next event, celebrating Kuning's 14th Birthday. Lots of fun activities. A tribute to Rajoo who unfortunately just passed away will also be held. See you all there!

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May 9: Unlocking The Cage with Steve Wise

Join us for the screening, Q & A and panel discussion on the ground breaking nonhuman rights movement with Steven M. Wise.

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Oct 8: World Animal Day, The Vegan Way (Event Coverage)

Event coverage article with images and videos taken during this one of a kind event at Furry Friends Farm.

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Malaysian Vegan Kitchen

Have a look at our Malaysian Vegan recipes page! Includes recipe videos and recipes by guest contributors.

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Latest Articles

Kuala Lumpur’s Top Vegan Restaurants

Jan 16th, 2018

If you're in Kuala Lumpur and looking to try the best vegan food this city has to offer, look no further than this article I wrote for PETA.

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A guide to Eating Malaysian Kuih(Local Cakes) for Vegans

Aug 4th, 2017

Malaysian local cakes - known as "kuih" to locals - are delightful breakfast and teatime favourites. Many of them are dainty and painstakingly prepared for a yummy eating experience.

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Furry Friends Farm - A Happy Home for Furry Friends

July 4th, 2017

In the small town of Kundang in Selangor, Malaysia, lies a beautiful place which showcases the beauty of animals living in a loving environment, cared for by kind caretakers, and allowed to roam freely within nearly 2 acres that they call their homeland.

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A Guide to Eating Vegan at Indian Restaurants in Malaysia

May 31st, 2017

A common concern among vegans in Malaysia is what is vegan in Indian restaurants. So we set out to answer this concern by doing some research.

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